A Special Thank You for
Supporting Lamar Girls Soccer

Dr. Moody Alexander      John B Witte DDS
Nelson Romo                 Karen Denham
Becca Wheeler              Fritz & Mindy Connally
Colleen Bryant                NYPD Deli
Karissa Hernandez        Denise & Paul Massey
DON                               Bonnie Reilly
Ed Frazier                       Arno Knapen
Betsy Offill                      Aubrey Castile
Ken & Gail Brown           Brandi Garrison
Derrick Carpenter           Paula Bick
Sarah Block                    Claire Gosselin
Vicki Myers                     Shelby Morkovsky
Chris Walter                   Andre Walch
Tammy Hoang               Stacy Hoang
Hector                            Mary Habala
Lawrence Bick               Rosie Q Ervin
Leanne Rand                 Bryan Ervin
Jo Cohenour                  Scott & Kim Crawford
Ashton                           Khiem Nguyen
Cristy Carpenter            Lydia & Tim McKibben
Seth Tettey                    Jeff Holland
Alma Prater                   Emily & Scott Rand
Juanita Alvarez              The Feliciano’s
Ryan Delzell                  Patty Volm

Booster Club  Members

For more information about the Booster Club or information on how to join visit our Booster Club page.


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