Booster Club Gold Members

Meri & Joe Gallant         Terri & Bob Coligan
Christina Habala            Julie & Mike Malone
Yuxdivia Davis               Coleen & Lloyd Bryant
Maureen Dondero         Sandra & Robert Howard
Lisa & Kelly McNeely     Mike Habala
Tena & Dax Griffith        Michelle & Chuck Baugh
Mike & Alison Keithley   John & Paige Bick
Arno Knapen                 Kevin & Missy Brown
Carol Miller                    Jose & Carmen Feliciano

Booster Club Blue Members

Kayla & John Fazekas     Lisa McKibben
Becky Russell                 Sunny Austin
Brian McDonald              Melinda & Joe Vanderberg
Chris & Kathy Walter       Mirela Tudora
Mike Layhew                  Thomas & Michelle Grothouse

For more information about the Booster Club or information on how to join visit our Booster Club page.


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There will be a Booster Club meeting on Thursday October 1st at 6:30 P.M. in room 2024.   Please make sure that you make plans to attend.   If you have any questions, Please email Coach Gio


Cross Country Workouts

Cross Country Workouts have begun.    Practice on Tuesday and Wednesday will be at 6:30 A.M. at River Legacy Park.   Please make sure that you have turned in your physical to the trainers and completed the required paperwork.

“Talk with your Feet, Play with your Heart”