Booster Club Gold Members

Thank you to the following parents who have joined at the Gold Level.
Joe & Meri Gallant                            Mike Habala
Chuck & Michelle Baugh                 Sunny Austin
Katherine Scott                                Robert & Sandra Howard
Tariq & Sheyna Kobty                      Kelly & Lisa McNeely
John & Paige Bick                           Maureen Dondero
Bob & Teresa Coligan                     Mike & Julie Malone
Jose & Karyn Zapata                       Alma Prater
Tyler & Lisa McKibben                    Lloyd & Colleen Bryant
Arno Knapen

Booster Club Blue Members

Clint & Nancy Castle                      Ken & Kristi Harding
Ron & Becky Russell                     Joe & Melinda Vanderberg
Chris & Kathy Walter                     Reagan & Kathy White
Richard & Peggy Stauffer              Mike and Alison Keithley

For more information about the Booster Club or information on how to join visit our Booster Club page.


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VikingFest is September 3rd

VikingFest will take place on Wednesday September 3rd.   Make sure you stop by and support all of the teams, clubs and organizations at Lamar High School.   There will be plenty of spirit wear available.    See you there!

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