Booster Club Gold Members

Meri & Joe Gallant         Terri & Bob Coligan
Christina Habala            Julie & Mike Malone
Coleen Bryant               Yuxdivia Davis
Maureen Dondero         Sandra & Robert Howard
Lisa & Kelly McNeely     Mike Habala
Tena & Dax Griffith        Michelle & Chuck Baugh

Thank you to the following parents who have joined at the Gold Level.

Booster Club Blue Members

Kayla & John Fazekas     Lisa McKibben
Becky Russell                 Sunny Austin

For more information about the Booster Club or information on how to join visit our Booster Club page.


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Practice T-shirts

Practice T-shirts have been ordered and will arrive shortly.    The cost of the three shirts will be $25.00 including tax.    You may pay with Cash or Check.  Checks need to be payable to Lamar High School.

“Talk with your Feet, Play with your Heart”